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Disc-Free Xbox One S Details Leaked

German blog WinFuture obtained images of the rumoured console, which appears very similar to the original One S, just without a Blu-ray drive.

The leak also claims the price of the console will be €230/~A$362.80, which is higher than previous leaks, that cited the lack of Blu-ray equipment for the dip in price.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is tipped to launch in Europe on May 7 after its official unveiling on April 16 at an Inside Xbox event.

This coincides with reports that Microsoft would begin accepting pre-orders for the console this month, with a plan to start deliveries in May.

Other reports state that the device will be revealed at this year’s E3 conference in June.

There are two versions of the console expected: the more powerful “Anaconda” with a solid state drive, and the more budget friendly “Lockhart”.

As the console is “disc-less” it is tipped to ship with pre-installed games, meaning that gamers could choose which games they want pre-installed before the console ships.

Reports have also been circulating that Microsoft is in the process of developing a program codenamed Odessa, that allows Xbox One owners to trade in older CD games for tokens to download their digital versions.

If the rumours are true it would confirm the suspicion that Microsoft is aiming to bring cloud-gaming to the fore of its gaming strategy, including pushing further access into its digital subscription Xbox Game Pass.

The company’s upcoming game streaming service Project xCloud is slated to begin trials later this year that will use Xbox hardware to stream games to consoles, PCs, and smartphones.

Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox line — codenamed Scarlett — is thought to be disc-less and arriving in 2020, however, if these latest rumours prove accurate we could be seeing the beginning of a new age of cloud-gaming.

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