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GoPro: “You Break It, We’ll Replace It”

Action cam manufacturer, GoPro, has opened its “No Questions Asked” damage replacement service to local adventure buffs – available for A$7.49/month with a GoPro Plus subscription.

Available in 25 countries (including Australia), the service provides adventure lovers peace of mind that their camera is insured, despite hazardous conditions.

“With the GoPro Plus damaged camera replacement benefit, subscribers can have the confidence that their camera is covered, no questions asked,” asserts GoPro Founder and CEO, Nick Woodman.

“Part of what makes a GoPro special is that you can use it in any situation.”

Beyond damaged camera replacements, GoPro’s Plus subscription service offers customers unlimited cloud storage (in original quality), 50% off mounts and accessories (e.g. GoPro.com), VIP technical support (e.g. via phone and chat), plus auto-offload of content (automatically transfers photos and videos to phone, and Cloud).

The news comes as the embattled action camera manufacturer, seeks to lift profit and grow sales, following several periods of losses.

As previously reported, GoPro delivered its first profit since Q3Y17, after netting US$32 million in Q4Y18.

Further information about GoPro Plus is available on the company’s website here.