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Look Out Spotify! Telstra ‘MOG’ 16 Million + Tracks $6.99

Look Out Spotify! Telstra ‘MOG’ 16 Million + Tracks $6.99

Aussies can get “a massive catalogue” of 16 million tracks streamed straight to their PC, iPhone, Android device, iPod or HiFi system (including Sonos) from Telstra MOG.

US owned ‘all-you-can- eat’ music service MOG has teamed up with Telstra for what will be “the highest quality streaming music service” in Australia on 320kbps.

The Telstra service is identical in both pricing and number of tracks to Spotify service launched here just last month.

You can also discover new music on MOGRadio, which allows you search for artists and listen to their tracks or a full mix of similar music.

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And there’s not an ad in sight, Telstra said today.

Other cute tools include the ability to add songs to a mobile device, listen offline and discover new music with personalised recommendations based on listening habits and ‘likes’ on Facebook.

If you’re not convinced, Telstra are offering a free two week trial regardless of their Internet or phone provider – so if you’re on Optus network you can still get MOG music service.

However, Telstra customers will receive the extra benefit of no data charges and are thought to be planning to bundle MOG with broadband services.

“Customer can put their MOG subscription on their Telstra bill.  We have plans to put MOG on other Telstra products like the T-Box ,” spokesperson confirmed to SmartHouse. 

And the MOG library of 16 million tracks will grow over time, the spokesperson added.

So, how much?

$6.99 per month for the basic PC service, which includes MOGRadio for new music discovery or $11.99 for PC and all other mobile devices, for the Premium Service.

ARIA Award winning singer, Clare Bowditch, has give the MOG service the thumbs up.

“There are still many questions to be answered and much to learn about the way online music subscription will affect and change how we listen to and appreciate music.

“At this stage, the early signs for music-makers themselves look generally positive because music subscription offers an attractive alternative to music-piracy and a new way of exposure for artists.”

Telstra’s research indicates the main way Aussies now listen to music is via their MP3 player or smartphone.

Telstra’s network superiority makes a music streaming service like MOG a game-changer, says Adam Good, Telstra Director of Digital Media and Content,

To receive a 14 day free trial of MOG go to: www.mog.com.

Telstra’s research also found that 50 percent of Australians haven’t bought a CD from a record store in the last year with 75 percent of people saying it’s due to the cost of CDs or sighting constantly changing music taste as the reason.