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New Toshiba Smart TV $1,500 Cheaper Than ‘Application Laden’ Samsung Smart TV

New Toshiba Smart TV $1,500 Cheaper Than

Japanese TV maker Toshiba has delivered a stylish new passive 3D smart TV that is $1,500 cheaper than their arch rival Samsung.

The new TV which goes on sale in July for $2,399, has a slim new design includes WiDi via a dongle which allows users to access movies from their PC or the Google Play Store without the need for cables.

Like the new top end LG Cinema 3D TV the new Toshiba offering has dual play which allows for split-screen gaming without each seeing each other’s screen.

The Toshiba offering which SmartHouse was able to experience delivered an excellent experience; it enables two people to play on the same screen, with players able to see two discreet, full-screen images, as opposed to the traditional split screen.

The quality of the Toshiba display was as good as what is delivered by either the new Cinema 3D TV from LG of the $3,800 Samsung 8000 Smart TV. This is due to the use FHD LED backlight technology.

Using WiDi which is now built into both Toshiba notebooks and their new TV range Toshiba was able to demonstrate movie trailers on their new TV’s running directly out of the new Google Play movie store which has several movies that have recently finished their run in Cinema’s.

The new range of Toshiba TV’s which will be in stores in July range from entry level 32″ models to top end 55″ models which come with the passive 3D TV technology .

The Toshiba places delivers access to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and a variety of music and video content.