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Aussie DroneGun Aims To Save Us All From Dangerous Drones

ASX-listed DroneShield is looking to grab a major share of what it sees as a future multi-billion dollar market for devices that can detect and re-direct potentially dangerous drones – for instance, sending them back to their on-ground “pilot”.

DroneShield’s new “DroneGun”can jam communications between a drone and its pilot and for some models can also track down the drone user. An optional GPS-jamming capability is also available, though it can’t be legally sold in the USA.

DroneShield has offices in Sydney and in Virginia. Its chairman is Peter James, also chair of Nearmap and Macquarie Telecom. MD is James Walker, formerly CFO of Seeing Machines.

The company sees major markets for DroneShield at airports, prisons, sporting stadiums, shopping centres and many commercial sites. Its latest device, the DroneGun, pictured, looks pretty serious, but as we understand it, it does not actually bring a drone down – it can however trigger a “return to home” function which might be uncomfortable for the “pilot” should the drone be loaded with explosives.

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