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Registration To Be Required For Aus Drones

Australians will soon need to register their drones with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to continue flying them.

From January 28, 2021, commercial drone pilots and people who operate drones for work will be required to register them with CASA and obtain accreditation; this includes the currently-excluded sub-2kg and “flying over your own land” categories. Holders of remote pilot’s licences will not need accreditation, but will still have to register their drones.

“Australians are flying drones in record numbers,” CASA said on its website. “Drone registration will help ensure people are flying their drone responsibly.”

All non-recreational drones regardless of size or weight will need to be registered, with registrations opening September 30; recreational drones weighing more than 250 grams and flown outdoors will need to be registered by 30 May 2022, with registration opening in March 2022.

Anyone seeking to register their drone will need to be at least 16 years old with a myCASA account; proof of identification; a free Aviation Reference Number (ARN); and details including the make, model, serial number, weight and type of drone to be registered.

CASA is consulting on the changes involving commercial drones, including a possible fee-free initial period and a simplified fee structure for other regulatory services. Submissions close on September 13.

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