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Ring’s New Always Home Camera Flies Around Inside Your House

A futuristic security camera from Ring is an autonomous drone which can fly around homes to give visuals on every nook and cranny of a space.

The new Always Home Cam was unveiled at Amazon’s online hardware event and can literally fly to any specific spot in your home, streaming the video content directly to your smartphone for the most comprehensive security surveillance humanly possible.

The small and light $350 (AUD$347) drone can detect motion in a particular spot and will zoom through the air to record video of what is happening.

Users can set up paths for the device in the smartphone app and while setting up the camera, you can build a map of your home interior for it to follow.

Slated for release next year, the Always Home Cam is marketed for indoor use only and can also be set up to work alongside the Ring Alarm system.

The camera will only record while the drone is flying and it is blocked when the drone is back in its dock.

“We know when something happens our customers want to be able to see exactly what’s going on, but it’s not always feasible to have whole-home coverage,” said Leila Rouhi, President of Ring.

Jamie Siminoff, Ring founder and chief inventor, said the company had spent the last two years developing the product.

During the product launch, Ring said the security camera is perfect for checking simple things such as if the stove was left on or if the door was left open.

The flying security camera is certainly an ambitious product, but we won’t see how useful it really is until its release in 2021.

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