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Is Samsung Planning Drone Delivery? New Service Rolled Out

Interesting things are happening on the Emerald Isle. Over in Ireland, Samsung Electronics Co. is about to launch a service that delivers its Galaxy phones to customers by drone. To do this, Samsung has partnered with Irish drone startup Manna.

To begin with, only customers in Oranmore, about 200 kilometres west of Dublin, will be privy to the futuristic delivery experience. However, the newly partnered Samsung and Manna say they plan to make the drone service available to the rest of the nation in the future.

“With this new service, we are embracing what we believe will be the future of retail,” said Eamonn Grant, Head of Online for Samsung Ireland.

“In the current environment, there is no better time to provide a contactless alternative to ‘click and collect,’ and we are really thrilled to be partnering with Manna to achieve this.”

We wonder how long it will be until Samsung in Australia follows suit by offering a drone delivery service to its more far-flung buyers.

Using drones opens a whole world of possibility for efficiency, convenience and broadening a customer base. Moreover, it’s a win for safety and emergency – especially for a land prone to flash flooding and bushfires at the drop of an Akubra.

Before Samsung, Manna has been working with British supermarket chain Tesco and other local businesses to deliver groceries, books and pharmacy items to residents in the area.

The concept follows a number of businesses around the world adopting drone delivery as part of their service, including Amazon, Uber and Apple.

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