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AirTag Used To Bust Dodgy Removalists

There have been plenty of instances where an Apple’s AirTag tracking device has been used for purposes best described as suspect.

A recent report out of Canada showed how they were being used to track and steal high-end vehicles.

Then, Sports Illustrated model Brooks Nader found herself another in a sadly growing list of women stalked with one after a stranger slipped the device into her coat pocket while she was waiting for a friend at a bar.

But now a woman in the US has used the AirTag’s surveillance properties for a positive purpose.

The wife of a man in the military, Valerie McNulty was used to moving around the country, and well acquainted with the hassles that brings – especially if your removalists aren’t reliable.

Valerie had apprehensions about her most recent movers, so she stashed an AirTag in a box with her son’s toys so she could make sure things were on track for the long haul from Colorado to New York.

Sure enough, the boxes didn’t arrive on the designated date. They were a month late. Then the driver got in touch to say he was actually only just picking up the boxes in Colorado.

That’s when Valerie dropped the bombshell that she knew the AirTag was actually in New Jersey, not too far away from her new home. The man hung up on her.

“I made him aware that I knew he was only four hours away from us,” she tells the Military Times publication. “He called back several minutes later trying to bargain with me.”

Turns out the driver wanted to stop off to visit a female friend.

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