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Model Stalked After AirTag Slipped Into Coat

Sports Illustrated model Brooks Nader has reported that a stranger tracked her location using an Apple AirTag, in what she described as the “scariest experience.”

Nader received a notification alerting her that her location was being tracked after leaving a New York bar. She said she had been at a bar waiting for a friend with her coat slung behind her on the chair. The AirTag was slipped into the coat pocket.

“Once I was already on my walk home, halfway home, I got the notification that was like, ‘Someone’s tracking you and has been for a while.’ So, I freaked out, obviously, and then, of course, my phone died.

“It turns out it was an AirTag, which is a tiny little white circular thing that Apple makes,” she continued. “I had no idea that these existed.”

Apple said they “take customer safety very seriously and are committed to AirTag’s privacy and security.”

It’s website explains: “To discourage tracking without your knowledge, Find My will notify you if an unknown AirTag or other Find My network accessory is seen moving with you over time.

“An AirTag that isn’t with the person who registered it for an extended period of time will also play a sound when moved so you can find it, even if you don’t use an iOS device. If you detect an unknown AirTag or Find My network accessory, use the steps below to learn about it and how to disable it.”

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