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A Thousand Fingerprints On SolarWinds Attack

REDMOND: Microsoft has analysed the SolarWinds hack and says it suggests the code behind the crack was the work of a thousand or more developers.

Microsoft President Brad Smith, labelled the attack “the largest and most sophisticated attack the world has ever seen.”

Smith said the software giant estimated it would require more than a thousand engineers to carry out the Solar Winds blitzkrieg.

Smith didn’t say who the 1000 developers worked for but compared the SolarWinds hack to attacks on Ukraine that had been widely attributed to Russia.

Brad Smith, Microsoft.

Moscow has denied any involvement the Solar Winds attack but has a history of denying mass cyber-events to which has been linked.

Security experts say Solar Winds exploited a blind spot in US defences by running on servers hosted within the US.

Most US cyber defences look at activity beyond the nation’s borders and assume the private sector in the USA takes care of itself.

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