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Microsoft Defender For Cloud Will Support Rivals Google, AWS

Microsoft is expanding its Defender For Cloud product to protect users of Azure competitors Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, in its bid to become the premier cloud security system.

Microsoft Defender For Cloud finds and monitors weak spots in cloud-based computing, fortifying security before cyber attacks can occur.

As Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft vice president of security, compliance and identity, notes, many Microsoft customers use a number of cloud-based platforms each day, in many cases not stopping to differentiate between the companies who host these.

As cyberattacks rise, Microsoft want to be the one-stop security shop.

“Today most of our customers have AWS and they have Azure and they have Google Cloud and they have different workloads around and then they have security solutions which are native to each of these,” Jakkal said.

“Think about the security practitioners sitting in a Security Operations Center looking at these alerts in this pane of glass — they’re dealing with three if not more.”

Jakkal points to a recent Microsoft survey that found 83 per cent of business leaders highlighted “managing multicloud complexity as their biggest pain point in 2022.”

Last year, Microsoft tapped former Amazon cloud executive Charlie Bell to oversee its security efforts. He heads a team of 3,500 employees.

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