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ZTE Allegedly Linked To Corruption In 18 Countries

Court documents filed in the US claim Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE was created as a front for military intelligence and has been linked to corruption in 18 countries.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, these new documents describe the Chinese company using brown paper bags of cash to win contracts in Africa.

The documents claim ZTE bribed Liberian officials to choose them over a US company to upgrade the country’s telecommunications networks.

They also accuse the company of being established to spy for Beijing.

The Chinese company told the SMH it ‘maintains a high standard of ethics and integrity in its business activities throughout the world.’

ZTE has been under fire recently for breaching US placed sanctions over Iran, selling the Middle Eastern country American components in 2016.

This week, ZTE and US president Donald Trump came to an agreement to remove the sanction but pay a hefty US$1.3bn fine.

The company was also dumped as Telstra’s home brand phone supplier.

These new papers are a part of a continuing commercial litigation case filed in Texas.

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