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Acer Goes After Dell’s Alienware Offering With “Superior” Gaming Range

As Dell delivers record profits in Australia, Acer has moved to crimp the Company’s Alienware marketshare in the all-important US gaming market.

Acer already dominate the gaming market in Australia, Asia and in Europe but it is the USA where the Company is looking to build out marketshare according to Acer CEO Jason Chen.

Speaking at an investor conference in Taipei earlier this week after his successful product launch event in New York the prior week Chen said that Acer is currently sitting in second spot in the USA and that he believes that the Company now has the gaming product range spanning in both the premium market with their Predator models and in the entry level gaming with their new Nitro range.

Chen said the US is a heavyweight market for gaming PCs, with Acer taking the second spot there, next to Dell’s Alienware gaming PCs. While the overall PC industry continues to see sales recession, gaming PCs are providing increasing growth momentum for Acer, with sales shooting up 94% on year in the first quarter of 2018 and an even higher annual growth seen for April.

This has motivated Acer to aim for the No. 1 spot in the US market by the end of 2018, Chen indicated.

The machines that Acer intend to use to snare the #1 spot include a new Predator Helios 500, Predator Helios 300 Special Edition. The new devices will hit the market during the upcoming US back to school season, according to Chen.

He also disclosed that Acer is scheduled to debut Predator X gaming model in September in Berlin, Germany, which will take the lead to incorporate Intel’s Xeon processors allowing gamers to handle multi-tasking operations.

Gaming devices are delivering higher gross margins for Acer than general PCs, this gives them an advantage over brands such as Lenovo, ASUS and HP who trail Acer in the gaming market.

Generally gaming PC’s deliver 14-16% of Acer’s total revenues and contribute 17-19% to the firm’s gross profits, with the percentages expected to pick up steadily, Chen said.

He said that the Taiwanese Company has also tapped into the market for gaming peripherals with even higher gross margins, including earphones, mice, luggage and even gaming chairs.

Chen stressed that Acer’s gaming PCs bear distinct features in anti-EMI (electromagnetic interference) and heat dissipation designs, compared with counterparts from other brand vendors.

Her said Acer has obtained a total of 277 patents for its heat dissipation designs in recent years, and as many as 12 product items have won 2018 iF design awards, including PredatorSense software for gaming control panel and packaging designs for Predator gaming peripheral devices.

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