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Optus Dump Boost, Telstra Take The Reins

Optus will no longer license the pre-pay Boost Mobile youth brand from 20 January next, while Telstra prepares to take over the reigns.

Optus made the changes to its pre-paid mobile brand to “reflect the maturing mobile market and the changing needs of Australian consumers,” it said in a statement.

Telstra is targeting the burgeoning youth market by establishing a new retail alliance with Boost, it confirmed.

Under the agreement Boost will market its Boost Mobile branded products on the Telstra Next G network from early next year.

Telstra Innovation Products and Marketing Group Managing Director Kate McKenzie said “Boost would enable Telstra to further extend its reach into the youth segment.”

.Boost has captured a significant share of this segment over the past 12 years, she added.

The news comes as Telstra announced the purchase of SA based ISP Adam Internet, today, which has yet to be approved by ACCC.

Boost will continue to market its products, offers and devices under its own brand, McKenzie said.

“Boost has built a successful business model and a loyal customer base. Importantly customers who purchased Boost branded products can continue to receive great service and value for money under our new alliance when it begins next year,” McKenzie said.

The agreement also means Boost will get access to better coverage and speed through Telstra’s Next G network, the telco said today as it takes over the Boost reins from rival Optus.

Optus has licensed the Boost brand since 2000 when it was launched to target the youth prepaid segment.

Customers acquired under the previous arrangement will continue to have access to their current plans under the Optus brand after 20 January 2013.