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Get The Best Out Of Your Home Entertainment With Crest’s Know-How

For 35 years, Crest has been selling AV accessories designed to maximise the experience of today’s entertainment technologies. In fact, if you have a home theatre setup—or are thinking of buying one—you could very well be using Crest gear and not even know it.

Crest offers much more than just cabling as their range caters to all AV accessory needs, including wall mounts, surge powerboards and antennas. Following are a few tips that will help you get the best performance out of your home entertainment setup.

Next Gen Cabling

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If you want the best digital experience—one that gets the most out of your audio and visual equipment—the first option is a High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet capability. It can transfer data at a rate of 10.2 gigabits per second, which is ideal for the next generation of 4K televisions.

The cable also helps manage sound with the use of a built in audio return channel. This feature makes it possible to hear the sound of your TV, Blu-ray player or other device through your surround sound system, while also enabling audio from the TV’s inbuilt HD tuner to travel upstream through the HDMI cable to your sound system, removing the need for a separate TOSlink optical cable. 

Recognising the next generation of home entertainment equipment is internet savvy, the HDMI with Ethernet can be used to network a wide range of IP-enabled home entertainment devices, from TVs and gaming consoles, to DVRs and more.

Crest is an official HDMI Associate based on exclusively demonstrating an ongoing commitment to selling only 100% compliant fully tested HDMI products. This is an assurance to customers that the cable, connector, or other component you are purchasing has been manufactured to exacting performance standards and rigorously tested for reliability.

If you want to watch high quality TV, Crest recommends using a Quad Shield Coax Antenna cable. To insulate and protect the signal from interference, it has four alternating layers of foil and braid over dielectric foam.

Power Surge Protectors

Your home entertainment gear is worth thousands of dollars, and in the event of a power surge—which sees an increase in voltage well above 240—your gear could be damaged or destroyed entirely. A surge protector is designed to absorb the excess surge of power by sacrificing itself.

Crest offers a variety of boards designed to protect your gear in such an event, and their range comes with a warranty that protects you if your equipment or the board itself is damaged.

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Crest also has a range of Energy saving surge protectors under its “Earth Smart brand”.  In addition to providing surge protection, these boards have the ability to automatically shut off wasteful standby power.

TV Mounts

Today’s flat panel televisions are as charming off as they are on. Quality craftsmanship, premium materials and exceptional design has seen them become the centrepiece of any living room, and just like a portrait, it’s become common practice to hang them up.

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There are mainly three different mount functionalities. These include:

Fixed: This mount will secure your TV as close to the wall as possible, with enough clearance for cabling and the power source. Newer, thinner televisions may require the power wall plate to be recessed, along with video and audio leads.

Tilt: Ideal if you’d like to mount your TV higher on the wall as it can tilt within a 15 degree range for an improved line-of-sight. The tilting can also help televisions that suffer from light reflection issues.

Full motion: This mount offers a multitude of viewing angles. It’s ideal if you’d like to swivel the TV around for viewing in another room.

When selecting the appropriate TV bracket you need to consider 3 things:
1) The required functionality of the wall mount (fixed, tilt or full motion)
2) TV weight and size
3) Your TV’s mounting pattern – on the back of the TV (ie: 400mm x 600mm)