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Jamo To Crank Out 18 New Speakers

Jamo To Crank Out 18 New Speakers

Danish Hi Fi Company  Jamo is set to roll 18 models of architectural in-wall and in-ceiling speakers in what have been described as their biggest launch in 40 years.  The Company has also said that they have put on hold their R&D work into wireless audio which was being done in conjunction an Australian Company.

The new 600 and 400 custom speakers according to Jamo which is distributed in Australia by Qualifi  are designed for installers “who want to save time and money.”

Each speaker features a one-piece baffle and a unique bridge design for easy installation. The bridge serves as a handle to hold the speaker in place during attachment.

There’s also a magnetic white grille that snaps into place over the baffle.

The speakers in the 600 and 400 lines all include the following technologies:
? Decoupled Tweeter Technology (DTT)
? WaveGuide
? Hard Conical Cones (HCC)
? Solid aluminum center plugs
The 600 line which replaces the Jamo K4 series features DTT silk dome tweeters and woofers with high-end fiberglass/cotton honeycomb/fiberglass composite drivers. The IW 606 and IW 608 feature SoundAngle technology to angle the sound downward 30 degrees.