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Dynalite To Showcase Systems at CEDIA

The Dynalite solution-set comprises a comprehensive range of controllers, user panels and network interfacing components that facilitate advanced levels of lighting control and seamless integration with third-party control systems.

Dynalite’s Residential Segment Manager, Phil Main said, “It’s all about installation and control flexibility. Moreover, in residential applications, homeowners want systems to be user friendly. The best way of meeting such needs is to integrate all the automated services–including AV, curtains, blinds and temperature control–into a single system with a single user interface.”

During the CEDIA expo, Dynalite will be featuring its latest-generation modular multipurpose controller range (DDMC series) that sports a unique hardware-configurable design, where plug-in output cards accommodate specific loads assigned to the system. Dynalite says that this single controller can be custom-configured to support a wide range of loads–including trailing-edge or leading-edge phase control dimmers, HF ballast control (individually programmable DALI, 1-10V and DSI), relay control, fan and curtain control.

In addition, Dynalite will also exhibit a flexible and intelligent 10/100Base T Ethernet interfaces called the 100BT Ethernet gateway series. The 100BT series permits Ethernet connectivity between DyNet (Dynalite’s peer-to-peer communications serial bus network), Dynalite control systems and third-party technologies. Dynalite’s RS232 serial port interface will also be featured. It provides cost-effective serial port integration between Dynalite and third-party systems.

Dynalite’s Revolution Series 2 user control panels will also be showcased. The new user control panels boast a wide range of grid and button configurations, colours, cover finishes and backlighting options, including dynamic OLED text display. Panel fascias can be provided in practically any architectural surface medium, while button caps can be engraved and backlit, providing unlimited décor-matching flexibility.

Another of Dynalite’s user-interface solutions will be on display–the Revolution colour touch screens. The LCD touch screens allow users to create and display visually stunning and easy-to-use control pages, incorporating logos, buttons, faders, floor plans and diagnostic icons. Operators can execute simple and complex conditional logic macros, or call up system diagnostics with a tap of the screen.  

Other system elements on display at the exhibition include Dynalite’s DLight III MapView site management software, and DLight II programming software.

To explore Dynalite’s integrated lighting control and automation solutions, visit Dynalite at CEDIA Expo 2009: Stand 266, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, 15-17 July, 2009.