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Easy Audio Distribution With Niles

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The ZR-6 incorporates features such as; one-touch operation, plug-and-play iPod integration and weather resistant keypads with metadata display. The ZR-6 is the perfect entertainment solution for distributed audio lifestyles and comes with a choice of three wall mounted keypads.

The high performance digital amplifier will output 25 watts RMS into 8 ohms meaning you can also supply up to four loudspeakers in a single zone.

In addition to a built-in AM/FM tuner, the ZR-6’s impressive plug-and-play capabilities allow users to integrate their iPods with no additional programming. With a simple connection, your iPod can be played throughout your home.

When used with Niles’s Solo-6 MD Keypads and TS-PRO touch screen, the LCD screens will display songs, titles, artists and playlists.

Customers may choose from three master keypad options including the Solo-6 MD, a single-gang keypad with metadata display, the Solo-6 IR, an elegant single-gang keypad and a Numeric-6P, an easy-to-use numeric keypad which works in conjunction with the Solo-6 IR.

All ZR-6 hard button keypads are weather resistant which opens up new installation possibilities in moist environments like bathrooms, spas and outdoors.

The Niles ZR-6 Multi-Zone Receiver has an RRP of $3,999, while the Solo-6 IR Keypad, Solo-6MP Keypad, and Numeric-6P Keypad are available for $329, $599, and $219 respectively.

See: www.niles.com.au.