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Telstra Makes Bold Move With BlackBerry

Telstra Makes Bold Move With BlackBerry

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Telstra says it first shipment of BlackBerry Bold smartphones arrived in Australia over the weekend, flown in especially from Europe to “meet high demand from customers”.

Telstra Business Group Managing Director, Ms Deena Shiff, said ” “The BlackBerry Bold combines everything business people love about the traditional BlackBerry email experience with great graphics, streaming video, sharp  display, and the ability to download, view and edit documents in a matter of seconds”.new

 The BlackBerry Bold has a recommended retail price of $999 and is available on various plans to suit enterprise and business customers’ needs, including $80 Phone Plan with $0 upfront for customers connecting for 24 months.

Telstra said it has made available exclusive email plan offer on the $89.95 BlackBerry email plan for customers connecting 24 months with existing BlackBerry Enterprise Solution software including 200MB of data free for the first 2 months.

And in a move to get back ex-Telstra customers, the company noted that “There are additional benefits for customers who move their BlackBerry services back to Telstra”.