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Aldi Bauhn 65″ 4K TV Vs TVSN Blaupunkt 4K TV Which One Is Best Value?

It’s the battle of the 65″ 4K German branded TV’s Bauhn that is sold by Aldi and Blaupunkt that is German in name only, the big question is who delivers the best quality and bang for your buck.

Straight up price is a major issue for Blaupunkt with their TV’s being advertised on TVSN at $1,199 which the distributor claims is a “bargain” and cheaper than most other 65″ UHD TV’s on the market.

The Bauhn 65″ 4K UHD TV on the other hand is selling for $529 so the big question why a $670 difference with the TVSN is there listed Blaupunkt TV
listed here: https://www.itvsn.com.au/product/ALL/071491

Let’s take a look at the specs

Both TV’s have 3840 X 2160 resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate, they also both deliver 1.07 billion colours, and 1,024 shades of each primary colour, they also both have a 16.9 aspect ratio and a 4000:1 Contrast Ratio.

They also both have a high definition digital tuner and a 4000:1 Contrast Ratio.

Both TV’s also come with a one-year warranty.

Similarities also include High Dynamic Range and wafer-thin bezels.

On the Blaupunkt TV there are 3 x USB ports Vs 2 on the 65″ Bauhn TV, The Bauhn TV has 3 HDMI Inputs of which one is ARC Vs 4 x HDMI, both have optical audio input and a headphone jack.

$529 Bauhn 4K TV currently being sold at Aldi

Both TV’s have Wi Fi capability and stereo speakers.

USB playback supports Movie MP4, MOV, 3GP, AVI, MKV, MPEG, TS, TP, ASF, DIVX, FLV, SWF, RM, WEBN and Music – MPEG1, MPEG2, VOR.

Also built into the Bauhn TV is Record Live TV and playback capability which allows a USB or storage device to be plugged into the TV to record shows.

Where Blaupunkt has an advantage is that it has Smart TV features built so you can play back Netflix and YouTube from the remote.

Owners of a Bauhn TV have two excellent options to deliver a smart TV capability with a lot more features than what the Blaupunkt TV has built in.

One option is to buy a $59 Google Chromecast.

For years Chromecast has been the best value in HD streaming video players, it allows you for $59 to turn any TV into a smart TV capable of streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and services such as the ABC iView and the SBS and BBC service as well as movies from the Google Play Store.

The Chromecast’s calling card is the ability to sync with your mobile phone, tablet and PC.
Few devices work as seamlessly with your Bauhn TV as Chromecast does, and any that do require you to be bought into a particular family of products.


Another option is the Fetch TV Mini, this will set you back $169 but it is a superb product that competes head on with the Foxtel iQ4 box.

Built in is a 7 Day TV guide, access to a TV and Movie Store where you can access over 7000 movies, including the latest releases and buy from over 200 popular TV Series.

You can choose to add an Entertainment Premium Channel starting at $6/month each or add or remove whenever you want on a monthly basis.

Up to three boxes can be connected together – access your channels on any box with just one subscription, watch movies and TV shows on any box.

You also get access to Netflix & Stan as well as Catch-Up TV on TV PLUS7, TenPlay, ABC iView, SBS On Demand, BBC First, Universal Channel, Oxygen are also available options.

Fetch Mini (Fetch TV)

There is also a Quad Tuner PVR called the Fetch Mighty that costs $395, this comes with more entertainment options plus a one terabyte drive to record content to. The 1TB HDD, can record up to six recordings, 7-day EPG, Series Tag recording, and allows you to record up to 585 hours of TV, it’s also
Wi-Fi Enabled.

Fetch TV boxes also work with the Google Assistant on devices like Google Home, and compatible Android and iOS mobile phones.

Use your voice to find out what’s on, search for movies and TV shows, change channels, set recordings and much more.

Fetch Mighty (Fetch TV)

With the Blaupunkt TV you have access to Google Assist by pressing the Google Assist button on the remote control this is similar to the $795 Bauhn TV that was sold earlier this year at Aldi.


$670 dollars extra for a $1,199 4K Blaupunkt TV that display wise is identical to the $528 Aldi Bauhn 65″ 4K offering is far from any form of value.

With that much difference in the cost of buying the Blaupunkt TV you can buy the Bauhn 65″ 4K UHD TV, a Fetch Mighty and a Chromecast and still have $216 left over which you could throw into buying the $299 2.1 Dolby ATMOS sound bar currently being offered by Aldi.

The pricing of Bauhn TV’s at Aldi has been a pain in the backside for many a premium TV Company and their latest offering is excellent value especially if you buy a $59 Chromecast.

As for buying a TV from TVSN my bet is on Aldi delivering the better value as TVSN often ends up with brands that other retailers won’t stock.

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