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ACCC Updates Safety Standards For Projectile Toys

The ACCC has updated the mandatory safety standard for projectile toys, allowing suppliers to comply with either the latest Australian voluntary standard or listed overseas standards. This change is estimated to save Australian businesses approximately $6.75 million per annum through granting greater access to global markets and reduced compliance costs.

The mandatory standard on projectile toys is designed to protect children from serious eye injuries and choking hazards. A six-year-old boy died after a rubber projectile from a toy gun lodged in his throat in 2002.

Under the ACCC’s mandatory standard, projectile toys must meet the minimum size requirement. In addition, such toys must have clear warnings so projectiles are not aimed at the eyes or face.

A toy’s discharge mechanism must also be designed in a way that does not allow for hazardous launching.

ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said: “Under the Australian Consumer Law all suppliers must comply with the mandatory standard to protect children from injury or risk fines and penalties.”

This year alone 8 toy products have been recalled for breaching the mandatory standard for projectile toys.

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