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Yamaha Updates Its Range Of Digital Consoles

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The DM1000 VCM, 02R96 VCM and 01V96 VCM are the DM1000, 02R96 and 01V96 Version 2 digital production consoles with the addition of Yamaha’s Add-On Effects software, providing users with enhanced production features straight out of the box. Depending on the choice of console, engineers now have access to recreations of classic compression and EQ units, simulations of analog open-reel tape decks, a complete suite of REV-X reverb effects, a surround post-production package and a selection of stomp boxes.


Yamaha’s Channel Strip (AE-011), Master Strip (AE-012), and Vintage Stomp (AE-015) packages each utilise Virtual Circuitry Modelling (VCM), a physical modelling technology that recreates the sounds of sought-after vintage effects gear by physically modelling the individual characteristics of analog circuitry.


With VCM technology on-board, the DM1000, 02R96 and 01V96 are now equipped to deliver recreations of classic compression and EQ units from the 1970s. In addition, the DM1000 and 02R96 (plus the 01V96 via optional upgrade) now deliver accurate simulations of several analog open-reel tape decks as well as a selection of vintage stomp boxes.

In addition, the included Reverb (AE-013) package incorporates REV-X technology, the advanced algorithm behind Yamaha’s newest generation of reverb and ambience programs. Designed for reverberation depth and realism with smooth decay, REV-X takes full advantage of the 24-bit, 96-kHz audio resolution of the DM1000, 02R96 and 01V96 to recreate the reality of natural acoustic environments.


Furthermore, the Surround Post (AE-014) package employs Yamaha’s Interactive Spatial Sound Processing (iSSP) technology to provide DM1000 and 02R96 users with such spatial simulation tools as Room ER, Auto Doppler and Field Rotation Effects.


All five Add-On Effects packages are now pre-installed on new DM1000 VCM and 02R96 VCM arrivals at no extra cost. The 01V96 VCM ships with two of the packages (Channel Strip, Reverb) with another two (Master Strip, Vintage Stomp) available as optional add-ons.

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