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LG PVR With Blu-ray Unveiled

LG PVR With Blu-ray Unveiled
LG PVR With Blu-ray Unveiled

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The LG HR598D and HR599D has two HD Tuners, allowing it to simultaneously record two live TV channels at once while watching other media content from the Blu-ray player or internal/external HDD.
It comes with a USB file playback/copy system, allowing for convenient playback or copying of music, photos or HD video files to/from a portable hard drive (up to 1TB).
The HR599D has a built-in 500GB hard drive, with users being able to connect an external hard drive (up to 1TB) that can be used to record free-to-air TV shows, or to playback DivX HD and MKV videos or music files.

The ability to connect and record to an external hard drive essentially gives unlimited recording capacity and eliminates the cost required in purchasing Blu-ray discs to store the recorded HD content.

The HR500 series can also stream files from Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) compliant storage devices. Other features also include NetCast Entertainment Access, BD-Live, and 802.11n wireless capabilities.
LG Australia’s Assistant Category Manager, AV and IT, Dinawati Lie said, “The HR500 provides the ultimate viewing experience with dual channel Full HD 1080p recording capability, Blu-ray playback, built-in HDD and integrated WiFi connectivity. At LG, we are committed to providing our customers with the ultimate viewing experience by delivering innovative products with high quality picture and sound.”
The HR589D & HR599D are available now starting at $1099.