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Hey Beyonce, Village People.. 15M FlowSongs Hit OZ

Hey Beyonce, Village People.. 15M FlowSongs Hit OZ

However, no local pricing for the new service has yet been confirmed although the the update to Pure Music service, known as Flowsongs here in OZ, will be coming here, Michael Broadhurst, Pioneer Australia’s spokeperson confirmed to SmartHouse.
However, it won’t be until early next year, he added, but will tie into the existing offering.

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And this is just the latest cloud music service to appear- Amazon launched their service earlier this year, and Google are set to unveil Google Music but with a “twist”in the coming weeks, as we reported last week.

Flowsongs cloud music service was launched here in April, managed via the Pure Lounge, a mammoth online music store, claimed to be the third largest currently available.

However, the real beauty is it will let you listen to music on a Pure branded FM or Internet radio, tag and download the tunes being played on the FM and listen to it later on your account, which is a pretty cool service.

It means you can listen to cool tunes being blasted out on Today FM, but without being forced to sit through Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O’s warbling.

And with 15 million tracks on the new service you won’t be bored – boasting everything from Beyonce, The Village People, Weird Al Yankovic, classical music and contemporary tunes.

There is “expectation to provide similar services at a similar price point,” referring to rival servies like Spotify, Pure UK said at the launch.

And if UK pricing is anything to go by, the service should sell for around $10 mark here, although this has not been confirmed.