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Vic Wallopers Go Mobile – Partly

Vic Wallopers Go Mobile – Partly

Victoria Police – which appears to have lagged well behind most other states’ rozzers in the use of mobile technologies – may finally be getting a chance to catch up, after the force got the green light to ante up for mobile gear for at least some of its plodders.

The force has called for bids for an “end-to-end mobility solution” that will include “devices” for an unstated number of frontline officers. The deal is tipped to go Apple’s way, with tender documents revealing Victoria Police has a preference for iOS devices, since these have been certified by the Australian Signals Directorate

The first instalment of just 100 to 400 “devices” should be on the streets by late 2016 or maybe early 2017, Premier Daniel Andrews has said. (Funny, that: crime watchers will tell you every single baddy in the State – and Victoria  has ’em by the thousands – have had the very best mobile gear in their pockets for quite some years.)

Meanwhile the Premier has told reporters the force is still relying on fax machines for many of its local crime reports.