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Apple Shifts Focus From iPhones

Apple Shifts Focus From iPhones

You might have thought the sale of one billion iPhones would have been announced loudly and proudly by Apple, but the milestone was in fact played down in this week’s Q3 earnings report.

CEO Tim Cook did announce the billionth iPhone sale at an employee meeting, and in a media release, but when it came to the company’s earnings announcement, the focus was on services revenue, which includes Apple Music, the App Store, iTunes and iCloud.

This sector grew 19 percent year-over-year and pulled in US$6 billion in quarterly revenue, Cook said.

Still for media it’s the next iPhone, expected to be dubbed iPhone 7, which is generating the most buzz. The buzz generators are pointing to some time in September as the probable launch date.

The iPhone7 is not expected to be radically different from its predecessor, but will include a dual-camera option for improved photography and –controversially – no headphone jack. Presumably Apple ‘phones with a Lightning cable will connect OK …

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