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Wicked Digital Heads Up Phiaton Distribution

Phiaton is part of Cresyn Co ltd, a well-known name in consumer electronics, most notably for exceptional sound quality of headphones, earphones and speakers as well as the eye-catching design of their products.
Wicked Digital will initially distribute four products from the Phiaton range. These include the Phiaton PS 20 Noise Cancelling Headphone at an Australian RRP of $229, the PS 500 Audiophile Headphone and MS 400 Moderna Headphone for $369 each, and the PS 300 Noise Cancelling Headphone for $429.

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Phiaton’s PS 20 NC earphones sport a ‘half in ear’ design.

The PS 20 NC earphones come with ‘noise blocker’ technology which blocks of 95 percent of outside noise. It is aimed at those listening to music in noisy environments, such as on aeroplanes and trains. Its ‘half-in-ear’ design combined with silicon eartips and advanced Applied Dynamic Speaker Driver using Acoustic transducer technology, delivers carefully balanced bass and treble equalization for enhanced sound quality with all music genres, producing immediately recognizeable improvements in audio performance. It also has a useful, ‘everplay’ feature, which lets you continue listening to music even when the battery runs out. 

The trend-setting MS 400 Moderna series headphones combine bold styling, opulent red accents and world class sonic performance. With an oversize, adjustable, lightweight, padded headband made of carbon graphite fibre, its silky smooth finish ensures you can listen for long periods without listening fatigue. It also has a closed ear design, with detachable earpads that can be replaced if they ever become lost or damaged. 

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The PS 500 AudioPhile Primal Series headphones from Phiaton.

The ultra lightweight PS 300 NC headphones come with two single sided cables, including one standard cable and another that has a remote microphone for access to phone calls while listening to music. It also includes the convenient fold and go design that lets the headphones fit into their compact hardshell carrying case. 

And the PS 500  Primal Series headphones are said to offer listeners a soaring level of concert-hall sound quality combined with its high level of comfort. 
All products come with free shipping in Australia.