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Cracked It! Acer S3 First Ultrabook UNDER $1000

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It also has decent hardware with 4 GB of DDR3 RAM memory for basic models, Crystal Eye Webcam, 2X USB 2.0 ports, HDMI  to hook up to TV and will even satisfy gamers with Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 128 MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Microsoft DirectX 10.1

On the software front, the Aspire runs Windows 7 Home Premium, Microsoft Office Starter 2010, MyWinLocker and
Adobe FlashPlayer 10.1 for watching videos.  

And it looks like ePower Management along with  3-cell Li-polymer could mean Acer age old battery issues may be over.

But best of all is the news today from Acer Australia announce that S3 320 GB model will start at AU$999, as envisioned by Intel when they announced the new ‘thin and light’ PC category back in April, which it said would cost under $1K mark.

Although this pricing structure has failed to materialise in Australia, at least, with Asus and Toshiba models all costing $1000+.

Other models with 500GB+ memory and faster Intel Core i5-2467M processor will fork out $1199 to $1999, depending on specs.

In addition, Acer will introduce a second Intel Core i5 model to its Acer Aspire S3 family with a 500GB HDD, retailing for $1,299.

The Acer Ultrabooks can also lower heat output due to its unique airflow design, dispelling warm air from the rear, away from your hands and the vent-free bottom lets you place the S3 comfortably on your lap.

“We’re the only vendor to offer our customers the best of both worlds – great specs as well as an affordable price of $999,” says Aaron Jambrovic, Acer Australia.

“Our 320GB HDD gives users ample storage for movies, documents, images, music and of course the operating system; while the embedded 20GB SSD allows for caching and fast wake-up times.”