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SteelSeries Faces Off Against Razer For Top Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Faces Off Against Razer For Top Gaming Mouse
The SteelSeries Sensei laser mouse hits the SteelSeries online store today for US$89.99 with a keen eye for customisation.

It’s not the prettiest gamer mouse, but the Sensei is pulled together with some impressive hardware under the hood, including a 32 bit ARM processor that runs the mouse without the need for special drivers installed on the connected PC.

The plug-and-play mouse boasts sensitivity up to 5,700 CPI (fairly typical for a laser mouse) or as high as 11,400 with an ‘overclocked’ feature. Comparatively, the popular Razer Mamba maxes out at 6,400 CPI. The laser sensor sits at 10.8 megapixels, taking in 12,000 frames per second. It can track movements as quick as 150 inches per second.

The ambidextrous design makes it customisable for left- or right-handed players, with programmable coloured lights and an LCD screen make it customisable to taste.

Customisable LCD screen underneath the Sensei

The SteelSeries logo and the scroll wheel light up and can be customised to any colour, while a small LCD screen underneath the mouse can also be customised with a bitmap image. A bit of a redundant feature, but a funky, unique additive nonetheless.

The Sensei allows users to save multiple customised profiles with mouse sensitivities and macros preloaded, but this feature is only available for PC users until the technology is ported over to Mac next year.

Check out what new gaming mice the Sensei goes up against over the page.

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One of the most popular gaming mice on the market is the Razer Mamba which runs either wired or wirelessly, though the price tag is shifted up a gear for this popular mouse at $179.95, making the SteelSeries Sensei an enticingly cheaper alternative.

Though the latest refresh of the Mamba throws in a few additives that the Sensei doesn’t match. These include wireless control without sacrificing on sensitivity as well as a dual sensor system that blends laser and optical sensors and can track the mouse when lifted off the floor.

Corsair recently revealed two of its own gaming mice at the Intel Developer Forum as part of its new Vengeance accessory line: a range of ultra-stylised peripherals.

Corsair M60

The M60 is tapped as an FPS-specific mouse for the shooters out there, while the M90 steps up for MMO and RTS gamers. Both mice cap out at 5,700 CPI, but with programmable buttons specific to their game types.

Corsair M90

The M60 features eight programmable buttons and a ‘sniper’ crosshair button that sits at the thumb for quickly adjusting the mouse sensitivity. The M90 has a chunkier build with 15 programmable buttons sitting on the thumb side for custom macros suited to MMO and RTS players.