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Big W To Range New Philips Computer Accessories Range With Stunning USB C 8 in 1 Hub

Microsoft and Logitech along with Belkin in the accessories market are facing new competition from European brand Philips who are best known for their TV and audio products.

Later this month Big W will start ranging a new Philips range of computer and smartphone accessories distributed by Tempo.

Among the new range is a stylish new 8 in 1 USB Type C Hub that overseas has been getting rave reviews from publications such as The Verge.

USB-C is a complicated standard, and if you’ve just purchased a new generation USB-C notebook you will realise that a lot has been taken out of the dev ice to get it down in weight.

Philips has come up with a brilliant product and like a lot of devices designed in Europe it is housed With the new generation of USB C notebooks you will most probably want an external hub to get back some of the ports you’re missing, like HDMI, Ethernet, USB Type-A, and SD card slots.

What Philips appears to have done is deliver a product that delivers 4K Ultra HD and Universal USB 3.0 for improved charging speed.

Also in the range are new keyboards and mouse as well as braided nylon charge and sync cables, some that are gold coloured.

There is also a Momentum wired gaming mouse with RGB backlight, 7 buttons and up to 6,400dpi.

Pricing for the range has not been announced.

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