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Samsung Skinny Chromebook Hits OZ $349

The $349 Chromebook running Google Chrome OS has been on sale since last week.

The 11.6-inch HD LED display Samsung Chromebook is light to hold, weighs under 1.1kg and measures 17.5mm thin.

Other specsĀ to note include: 2X 1.5W stereo speakers, 0.3MP web camera, Exynos 5250 Dual processor1.7GHz, but has no Bluetooth or disk drive, but includes SDHC card reader, USB3.0, USB2.0 for data transfer.

Like an Ultrabook, Samsung Chromebook boots up quickly thanks to it’s flash memory, and comes with 100GB free cloud storage over 2 years on Google Drive, so users can access files from anywhere.

However, the Chromebook sold in JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman won’t be going any further than these mainstream retailers, a Samsung exec told CN today.

This may be the only Samsung Chromebook launched here this year although this is not confirmed, he said.

Asus also has a cheaper $299 model, although the Samsung is thinner and lighter for an extra $50, and HP is also to sell one down under.

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Last week, we visited both retailers, where the Chromebook stand was attracting some attention of consumers, amongst a gaggle of other PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, netbooks and tabs on sale.

Google OS Chromebook is designed for web use, checking emails, using apps (via app launcher) and as a second computer in the home.

“With a successful launch in the U.S. and the UK, Samsung is excited to bring the Samsung Chromebook to Australia this year,” said Todd Lynton, Director – IT, Samsung Australia.

“Our new Chromebook is fast, thin, quiet and light. With great battery life and fast access, it’s great for anyone who needs a notebook that is simple and affordable for their everyday tasks.”

JB Hi Fi marketing Manager Scott Browning expects new category Chromebooks, which is basically a light notebook running Chrome, to sell well, saying there was “latent interest” in the new PC.

The Samsung Chromebook is sold in selected JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman stores with an RRP of $349.