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JawBone: Get Up OZ

Up is coming to Oz – Jawbone’s health-tastic wristwatch and app is hitting Apple Stores, JB Hi Fi and Telstra on April 20.

Available in the States for some time, Jawbone is hailed as ” revolutionary wristband” and app that helps you learn things about yourself “that you never knew.”

The skinny and smart UP wristband (RRP $149) help you understand how you sleep (incl how many times you woke), move including active vs. idle time, intensity of movement, total steps, distance, and calories burned.

UP also vibrates to remind you to get up off your backside and move when you’ve been inactive for a period.

Wearable tech is all the rage these days with Apple and Samsung said to be joining the smart watch race, soon.

It also helps you monitor your diet and scan barcodes or search the database for more complete nutritional information on food you’re buying. It also helps track your mood, and shows how factors like not getting enough shut eye is making you feel. 

Jawbone is also introducing support for Android, 11 new languages for Apple iOS, and product availability in more than 25 additional countries including Oz.

“Everyone wants to improve upon themselves; we’ve found this to be a fundamental human desire, no matter where a person is starting from or what they want to achieve,” says  Travis Bogard, Jawbone vice president of product management and strategy.

“Today marks a big step toward our commitment to help people establish a basis for behavior change bybringing UP to everyone who wants to live better lives.”

The rubber UP band is shower resistant, and ten days of battery life comes in three sizes (S, M, and L) and eight colors (Onyx, Mint Green, Light Grey, Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Orange, Hunter Green, for $149.