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Central Station: Samsung 23Inch Wireless Meet-All Monitor $429

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Like a docking station, Samsung’s Grand ‘Central Station’ monitor serve as a wireless PC “hub” where a laptop and a range of other devices meet on a single monitor – leaving the hassle of plugging and unplugging multiple cables behind. 

So, your laptop gets all the connectivity but none of the clutter. 

The new Samsung LED can work as a duplicate monitor – showing exactly what is displayed on your laptop or else as a complimentary screen – it even has crouch mode where you can adjust it to the same level as the laptop screen. 

And when you return from a day on the road, the station will transfer all data on to a larger monitor for in-office use. 

The “highly anticipated” device works through a tiny transmitter that plugs into the laptop USB, and works within five feet of the monitor.

And the sound quality is decent also – meaning you could watch movies stores on your laptop on a better (and bigger) quality LED screen. 

The CA series LED’s come in 23″ and 27″ (1920×1080) resolution screen options, a stunning 4 USB connections (2X USB 3.0, 2.0) HDMI, Ethernet, 60Hz. 

USB 3.0 new technology enables transfer data 10 times faster than 2.0. 

Once the user connects LAN and audio cables to the monitor, Central Station is ready for use – just connect to the laptop with a single USB and off you go, thanks to auto configuration tool. 
The 23″ (CA23550) sells for $429 RRP here in Australia while the larger CA27550 is going for $599.00, comes in ‘high glossy black’ on a dual hinge stand. 

“With the growing amount of 3D content now available from TV to movies to gaming, enthusiasts and developers are demanding high functionality and capability when it comes to monitors,” said Emmanuele Silanesu, Head of IT, Samsung. 

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