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The Wait Is Over, Alexa Available On Sonos One

For what seemed like an eternity for Aussies, Alexa is finally available on Sonos One with the company confirming the addition via email.

This means Sonos is stepping into another competitive market, going up against the likes of Ultimate Ears and Yamaha with Alexa integrated speakers.

Users who already have the speaker can issue an update and the voice assistant will be ready to use once completed.

A few months ago, Sonos issued a statement apologising for the delay of the Alexa update saying it will be releasing in Autumn.

When launched back in October the company marketed the Sonos One to be able to integrate with a number of voice assistants РGoogle Assistant and Alexa Рbut its taken six months for Alexa to appear on the speaker.

The Sonos One is $299 and available online and at selected retailers.

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