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Here Comes 5G: Oz Tipped To Have 10m Links By 2022

Australia will have more than 10 million 5G mobile connections by 2022 according to a new report by Sydney-based market research firm Telsyte.

The arrival of 5G will enable rapid growth in mobile services innovation helping create differentiation in the market for mobile network operators (MNOs) the new report says.

Meanwhile competition in the Australian BYO handset market is intensifying and consumers are benefiting from much better deals across the board compared to a yearo Telsyte says.

The report estimates that average data allowance on mobile plans grew by more than 100 percent in 2017 – but average data usage on smartphones grew by only 49 percent.

This meant that only around half of the average data allowance per user was utilised in 2017 – from 67 percent in 2016.

Noting that mobile connectivity is now critical to most Australians Telsyte says that more than one in four Aussies have been forced to tether to their mobile connection in the last 12 months due to a slow or non-working fixed broadband connection at home or work. Among those forced to tether some 32 percent said they are likely to upgrade their mobile data limit.

However two-thirds of smartphone users with fixed broadband at home claimed that they would continue to use their fixed broadband even if they had access to un (or very large) mobile data.

Only 11 percent said they would decrease their fixed line usage by more than 50 percent or stop using it altogether.

However the report predicts that more personal and household devices will be connected to mobile networks when consumers discover “easy to connect” methods such as those based on eSIMs.

These are integrated SIMs in digital devices such as smartphones wearables or tablets enabling them to be connected to cellular networks without requiring a physical SIM card.

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