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Google To Axe Play Music, New Premium Content Platform Tipped

Hours after Spotify announced a new expanded service for freeloaders, Google is tipped to axe its Play Music service replacing it with a brand new expanded content service called YouTube Remix.

The new content offering will also see the demise of YouTube Red and will include high res audio.

It’s been rumoured for several months now that Google plans to launch a new content platform to compete with Spotify and Apple. There has even been speculation that Google could buy the Tidal music streaming business.

At this stage it’s not clear when YouTube Remix will be released or how much it will cost.

Varna, Bulgaria – May 23, 2017: YouTube on the Apple MacBook Pro, YouTube app on iPad Pro and splash screen logo on iPhone 7 and YouTube notification icon on Apple Watch. Office desk concept.

At CES several people said that the new Google service would offer a Spotify-like music experience, with advanced recommendation algorithms as well as access to video content.

It may also keep the video element of YouTube.

Sources said that record label Warner Music Group has already signed on, while Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Merlin are in talks with YouTube.

YouTube confirmed some details about the product at SXSW, saying that it would be a service based around recommendations with an extensive music catalogue.

It’s said to be able to serve up music for users based on the time of day, where they are and other factors, Droidlife reported.

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