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Sonos Delays Alexa For ‘One’ Smart Speaker Til Autumn

With Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, and speaker range, Echo, now available in Australia, Sonos has announced it’s not ready to deploy Alexa support for its Sonos One smart speaker, deciding to delay launch until “Autumn 2018”.

In a public statement distributed by email, Sonos affirmed:

“Although Alexa is now available on Amazon Echo devices in Australia, Alexa will not be ready for Sonos One until Autumn 2018. We are working hard on our software to ensure a great Alexa experience on Sonos soon”.

The news is an unfortunate delay for Sonos, who marketed its One smart speaker as [soon] having the ability to integrate with several smart assistants.

Despite being launched late last year, the speaker does not support either Google Assistant nor Amazon’s Alexa.

As the smart speaker battle continues to intensify, it’ll be interesting to see what effect Sonos’ digital assistant delay will have on the company’s sales of the One.

Without smart assistant integration, Sonos’ One speaker largely offers a similar experience to its predecessing model the Play:1.

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