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Tesla Tiles To Slide Down Under

Elon Musk’s Tesla outfit has opened up reservations for its solar roof tiles in Australia, though it may be some time before the US company actually begins installing them locally.

The Solar Roof is a component of Tesla’s plan to “accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable energy future” the company said on its Web site.

Comprised of both solar and non-solar panels that look the same from street level, Solar Roof integrates with Tesla’s Powerwall to collect and store energy during the day and make it available at all times. This has the potential to reduce or even completely eliminate electricity bills, which helps make Solar Roof more affordable than normal roofs in most cases, Tesla claims.

According to Tesla, a typical homeowner is set to pay US$21.85 per square foot for a Solar Roof made up of 35 percent solar tiles.

Installations for Solar Roof are set to begin this year in the US, while Tesla expects installations in other countries will begin in 2018. Australian customers can place an order for Solar Roof for an initial $1310 on the Tesla Web site.

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