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Telstra To Make Smart-Home Play

Telstra To Make Smart-Home Play

Telstra has made its play for the growing niche of smart-home customers, rolling out a range of products that allow users to, as Telstra puts it, “make your home a whole lot smarter and your life that little bit easier.”

“With motion sensors, cameras, lightbulbs, a thermostat, smart power plugs and a smart doorlock all talking to each other through the Smart Home platform, it’s easy to customise Telstra Smart Home to you and your family’s lifestyle,” says Telstra’s executive director of home services, John Chambers.

To get started all you need, according to Telstra, is home broadband, a reusable in-home Wi-Fi set up and an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Sign-ups to the Telstra Smart Home service cost $25 a month on a minimum 24-month contract, and include your choice of two Smart Home starter kits. The first, dubbed  “Watch and Monitor”, comes with two door or window motion sensors and an indoor HD Wi-Fi camera.

The second, dubbed “Automation and Energy”, arrives with two smart power plugs, a motion sensor and a pair of door/window sensors.

Regardless of which kit is chosen, customers will also receive a Telstra Smart Home Hub to tie all the devices together via Wi-Fi. – Channel News

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