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Brilliant Lighting Rolls Out Smart Bluetooth Lights

Smart home automation manufacturer Brilliant Lighting has launched a Bluetooth mesh system that allows control over large numbers of smart lights at once.

The system uses a many-to-many broadcast structure which connects devices to each other using Bluetooth to form the network. According to Brilliant Lighting, this creates a low-maintenance automation solution that reduces the load on home wi-fi networks and is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT.

Brilliant Lighting has rolled out several products that work with the mesh system via a mesh gateway or through a phone’s Bluetooth connection, including smart dimmer modules compatible with existing switch plates such as HPM, Clipsal, and Vynco. The dimmers incorporate on/off as well as dimming functions, and can use schedules and timers for greater automation.

Alongside this, Brilliant Lighting has also released several Bluetooth mesh downlights, including the 8W Mesh Sync LED lights with controllable colour temperature, and the 10W Mesh Epic LED lights with RGB colour control. Each fits into standard 90mm cut-outs, and is able to be grouped with other lights on the mesh network.

The Mesh Sync retails for $39.99 each and the Mesh Epic for $49.99 each, while the dimmer modules have not yet received official pricing.

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