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Telstra To Launch Home Automation

Telstra To Launch Home Automation

Telstra is making a major – if somewhat belated – play for the home automation business in Australia, with this week’s announcement of plans to  launch what it calls the Telstra Home Automation platform, the only problem is that it won’t be just your PC and content streaming that will go down when Telstra broadband crashes it will your security and a whole lot more. 

They have also launched a new move into supplying communications to the mining industry.

According to John Chambers, executive director of home and premium services, the platform “will connect a range of devices through one simple app”.

“Many people are already using some smart-home appliances and this will continue to increase, with the average Australian household expected to have 29 connected devices by 2020,” he said.

“To bring it all together, we have been working with Icontrol Networks, a leading global smart home solutions provider, to build a simple, flexible platform that will work across multiple devices and operating systems.”

Applications will be controlled from a desktop, smartphone or tablet application.

Two Smart Home packages will be available at launch. A ‘Watch and Monitor’ option will allow householders to monitor what’s happening via motion sensors and a camera. An “Automation and Energy” option comes with smart power plugs and door and window motion sensors, to enable customers to set up a tailored energy system. Optional gear will include smart locks and thermostats.

According to Chambers, other future offerings will include in-home health care, dynamic energy management and entertainment.

The Telstra products will compete with Belkin’s WeMo gear, Google’s Nest and Apple’s HomeKit platform.

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