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Telstra Pumps Up High-End NBN Deals – Beginning At $85/Month

MELBOURNE: Telstra claims its latest high-speed NBN offerings are bringing higher quality video calls to high-paying users, even when several household members are using the Internet at the same time.

Noting that “connecting to the Internet at home has typically been a wired affair,” Telstra says its new wireless 5G Home Internet service will deliver typical download speeds between 50Mbps and 300Mbps.

Initial offering for the service comes at $85 a month and includes a “free” 5G modem, 500GB of data and a free service for the first month.

If 300Mbps is not fast enough for you, Telstra will also offer “Superfast” and “Ultrafast” add-ons to its premium Internet customers.

“These speeds are so fast that some less-powerful Wi-Fi routers can’t keep up,” Telstra boasts. But it adds that the company’s “Smart Modem” and “Smart Wi-Fi Booster” will definitely be “up to the task”.

Phew! Thank heavens for that.

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