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Telstra Releases Smart Modem 3 With Wi-Fi 6

Telstra has launched its Smart Modem 3, which makes it the first major telco to offer a Wi-Fi 6 modem as standard to its customers. The modem will be bundled with Telstra’s NBN plans.

Telstra claims that the Smart Modem 3 is “up to two times faster than the Wi-Fi speeds of our major home internet competitors’ modems”, based on independent research conducted in November.

The modem also features 4G backup in case the NBN is down, in which case download speeds will drop to 25Mbps, with upload speeds capped at 5Mbps.

A nifty feature called SmartFix “proactively monitors internet performance and automatically tries to resolve faults in the background” before they cause an issue or outage.

Telstra claims they’ve been testing this feature in the background, and that it fixes more than 15,00 services a month, automatically.

The leasp to Wi-Fi 6 as a standard for Telstra home connections will make a huge difference in the marketplace. Hopefully it helps propel this change across the board.


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