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How To Spot A Facebook Scam?

How To Spot A Facebook Scam?

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Avoid scams like these.

Facebook has released three pieces of advice to its millions of members to avoid being scammed:

If an offer looks too good to be true, it probably is, says Facebook.

So, if you get sent a link for anything freelike airline tickets of ‘please send money’ requests, then don’t bother. It’s very likely a scam.

Also Facebookers should choose a unique password different than your email password.

Security experts Sophos Labs recently warned about the number of Internet surfers who use the same password across multiple sites.

The recent hacking of LinkedIn and eHarmony paid heed to this advice as data breach of one site can affect others held.

Also The Social Network are calling on its 901 million plus users to confirm their phone number.

However, Sophos Labs’ Graham Cluley is not so sure, warning users he would be be “quite wary of this.”

“We know that Facebook has goofed on this in the past. They shared mobile numbers with third party apps, and these can be malicious.

“There have been example of scam Facebook apps collecting phone numbers and signing people up to premium rate services.”

The Social Network has released more scam avoidance advice here