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iTunes To Dump Podcasts?

iTunes To Dump Podcasts?

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iTunes to dump podcasts on iOS 6 softwre update due later this year.

Thats according to AllThingsD who say Apple have ditched the podcast section within iTunes, which will now have its own separate app for the first time, sources say.

The stand-alone app will allow Apple’s mobile devices to “discover, download and play”, which is set to let users play Internet content also.

However, it seems the change is confined to mobile devices like iPad and smartphones only, while desktop PCs and Macs will retain the same traditional all-in format.

Podcasts usually takes pride of place in iTunes store alongside categories like ‘Movies’ and ‘TV Shows.’

Apple made no official soundings about podcasts at WWD 2012 last week.

The Cupertino gurus unveiled iOS 6 to the developer world last week, sporting changes such as Apple in house Maps (ditching Google Maps in the process) as well as introducing Siri for iPad.

Apple says iOS 6 will be available to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the northern autumn as a free software update.

A new version of the OS X operating system for Macintosh, dubbed “Mountain Lion” will be available as a free download in July.