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Forget Bob: iiNet Looks To $29 Cloud

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Partnering with VMware, IBM and Juniper, iiNet Business Cloud will allow SMB’s to build and deploy its entire infrastructure in the ‘cloud’ for $29 a month and upwards.

iiNet Business Cloud features direct access to Business Cloud catalogue and virtual data centers through a self-service web portal.

Users can install their choice of operating system, create or clone virtual machines and access consoles remotely.

Business Cloud also gives access to catalogues, templates, as well as thousands of virtual applications (vApps) which can be deployed on preconfigured machines or media and a range of enterprise  security features that enables users fence its vApps in a secure environment.

The data is hosted in Australian data centres and supported by iiNet’s local technical support team.

“Business Cloud follows from our launch of Business Voice. Put simply, it gives the small guys the same tools of the trade normally reserved for the big enterprise players,” says CEO of iiNet Business, Greg Bader.

“By using Business Cloud, businesses will be able to shift their efforts away from ongoing maintenance and constant upgrades to the more important things – like running their business.”¬†

Mr Bader adds, storing business data in Australian data centres is important to our customers as it mitigates concerns around data sovereignty and control.