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Black Adder! BBC Free TV Hits OZ

Black Adder! BBC Free TV Hits OZ

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The global BBC iPlayer App on iPad subscription offers viewers in Australia on demand British shows like Fawlty Towers, Little Britain Top Gear, Doctor Who, Life of Birds and Horizon, and children’s show Charlie & Lola.

To get the BBC TV shows on-demand in full costs $9.49 a month (or $89.99 yearly).

Subscribers can also access the BBC’s music archive including live shows by Oasis and Robbie Williams at the Electric Proms, Blur – Live at Hyde Park and Dire Straits – Arena. 

The free content includes a festive themed variety of the best of BBC, including Christmas specials from iconic shows Black Adder’s Christmas Carol, The Borrowers, Maid Marian and her Merry Men: Xmas 1993 and Miss Marple – They Do It With Mirrors.

Designed to be easy-to-use, a key feature of the app allows subscribers both to stream and download shows for offline viewing for when Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity is unavailable. 

The app will debut with Black Adder’s Christmas Carol tonight. Check out the full list of free content:

1.    Black Adder’s Christmas Carol
2.    The Borrowers
3.    Maid Marian and her Merry Men: Xmas 1993
4.    Miss Marple – They Do It With Mirrors
5.    Ballamory: Xmas 2003 The Snowflake Fairy
6.    Chef! Xmas 1993
7.    Tikkabilla: Xmas 2004
8.    The Naked Chef: Christmas Party 2001
9.    Dickens: Great Expectations 1999
10.    Jam & Jerusalem: Xmas 2007
11.    Britain’s Royal Weddings
12.    Stig of the Dump
13.    Little Lord Fauntleroy

14.    The Snow Queen
15.    Horrible Histories
16.    Only Fools and Horses 1986 Xmas special
17.    Rick Stein’s Food Heroes: Xmas 2005
18.    Robbie the Reindeer: Hooves Of Fire
19.    All Creatures Great and Small series 2 Merry Gentlemen
20.    Dickens: Bleak House
21.    The Nativity (4 parts)
22.    Legend of Robin Hood
23.    Only Fools and Horses Xmas special 1996
24.    CBeebies Panto 2009
25.    Charlie and Lola Xmas 2006

“For those not familiar with the great BBC content available on the App, the festive offering is the perfect way to trial the service and get a good flavour of the quality and breadth of programmes it provides,” says Matthew Littleford, BBC’s GM for Global iPlayer. 

The  BBC iPlayer App is now available to download for free from the App Store on iPhone at www.bbc.com/iplayer/tv.