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Swiss Cookie Cuts Google Weight

Swiss Cookie Cuts Google Weight

The increasing size of Web pages has led Google to develop software that is claimed to shrink a Web site’s image byte size.

Its new Guetzli JPEG encoder is claimed to reduce JPEG sizes by around 35 percent without affecting quality.

For example: if a Web page has 300KB worth of images, Google’s tool would reduce it by about 100KB.

The tool’s main job is to help Google itself. Google processes trillions of bytes of data from all over the world each day, constantly scanning Web sites for new content to add to its search engine, caching pages, and serving up ad banners.

Google says Guetzli is “Swiss” for cookie (although most of us were taught that there is no Swiss language, only German, French, Italian and something called romansh).

Whatever the language, Guetzli  uses a psycho-visual model called Butteraugli to work out which colours and details to keep and which to throw away, based on a person’s visual processing system.

Guetzli is available free to developers on Github.

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