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Smart Sensors To Make Homes Safer For Older Aussies: CSIRO

SYDNEY: Older Australians living independently at home will soon be able to automatically send real-time data to their healthcare providers, according to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organisation, better known as the CSIRO.

It has set up a sensor-based in-home monitoring system which will be incorporated into a smart analytics program set  up by the HSC Technology Group.

CSIRO Health Services Group leader Mohan Karunanithi said the technology can provide more informed continuity of care for citizens who choose to live independently, keeping their families updated remotely, while also providing 24/7 healthcare information.

It will use CSIRO’s Smarter Safer Homes algorithm, which is said to be able to turn the sensor data into measures of an individual’s daily life activities such as meal preparation, mobility, hygiene and grooming.

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